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Modern clothing

Keep it simple. Sunglasses, sunscreen, cute swim trunks and flip flops are all you need for poolside/beach festivities. Oh, and let's not forget a nice frosty beverage too.
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Women of the different ethnic minorities wear tube skirts. The long tube-skirt is worn tucked in around the breasts and is made from two pieces of material sewn together to form a tube. The shorter version is made from one piece of cloth sewn into a tube and is worn tucked in at the waist. The color scheme of the women's tube-skirts is similar to that of the men's loincloth. Women either do not wear an upper garment or wear a simple tunic made from a single piece of cloth with a hole cut in the middle of the textile for the head and the sides sewn together leaving open spaces for the arms. Ede women add sleeves to the tunic and decorate them with red yarn and metal beading.

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khmer girl


Cambodian costumes
Since the traditions of Cambodia are immensely influenced by those in the Hindu religion, Khmers have since long taken dancing and singing to be a part of religious rituals. For these holy traditions Khmers dress accordingly in costumes as well. The females would traditionally wear a rose above the right ear and a phuŏng on the left side of a crown. The Phuong was made up of three distinct flowers namely the Jasmine, rose and Michelia. Although, in current times, these three significant flowers have been replaced today because of lack of availability, hence other flowers such as the plumerias are used in its place.
Male characters wear costumes that are more complex than the females, as it requires pieces, like sleeves, that have to be sewn on while the character is being dressed. Clothed in a sampot sarabap, like their female counterpart, however males wear it in a different way.he male the sampot is worn in the chang kben style. He front is pleated and pulled under and stuck between the legs, then tucked in the back and the left over length of the pleat is stitched to the sampot itself to form a draping fan in the back.

khmer modern draditional dress

Discover the Cambodian wardrobe and the unique costumes that make up the colorful collection of Cambodian clothes.
The majority of Cambodian locals tend to dress rather casually with the exception of going to some formal events like weddings. Khmer men generally wear short-sleeved shirts made of light cotton or silk and cotton trousers of a light color in order to keep cool in the heat of Cambodia.
Traditionally women wear loose fitting tops and a sarong that is embroidered with a silver or gold threading and along with that karma.The most common local dress that the Cambodian people can be found wearing for their day-to-day chores generally includes a sarong which is known as a sampot in the local lingo.
The sampot can be worn in many different ways. We find that people of different classes wear the sampot in different ways. The typical sampot, known also as the sarong is on average worn by men and women of poorer class. It measures in the region of about one and a half meters and both ends are sewn together. To secure it on the waist it is tied with a metal belt.

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women jean style


Women Jeans

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khmer cultural silk

The are the silk product of cambodia that made from grub silk and mix with the natural color that make by hand exspecialy in Kandal Province at Kosh Dach Iland most of people do this product for profesional job and traditionl of work for this iland.The silk are well known in cambodia include forign countries and the people alway give the value to it becouse of it very good use quality and nice to look.Khmer women like wear it to participate in several party becouse of it the traditional khmer dress and it look wealthy for the women.
The most important silk textiles of Cambodia are the ikat silks (hol), twill-patterned, weft ikat textiles. The pattern is made by tying vegetable or synthetic fibers on sections of the weft threads before the threads are dyed. This process is repeated for different colored dye baths until the patterns are formed and the cloth is woven. The two types of hol textiles have five traditional colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and black. The sampot hol is the lower garment mentioned earlier, made from hol cloth (hol cloth can also be used for sampot chang kben). The pidan hol is a ceremonial hanging reserved for religious or sacred purposes.

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khmer style

lady dress showing

khmer traditional dress is have reputation for along time since the ancient time, and untill nowday cambodia is still mantian the culture and traditional clothes to advertise the cambodia culture to another countries in the would.Khmer traditional dress in cambodia nowday is progress very interested,most of khmer women wear it to paticipate in the wedding ceremony and another culture party.every day in cambodia the people try to inform the dres in ancient time to draditional modern wear and to show the khmer traditional, culture...... all of dress is mad from the silk.

Kind of Cambodian silkCambodia is world renowned for its exquisite Silks, much of which is still traditionally hand-woven and dyed using natural colors from plants and minerals. These exquisite cloths pictured below are often worn during weddings, Traditional Celebrations and the more elaborate variety, during Classical Khmer Dance Performances.Pictured above, are absolutely gorgeous Cambodian Silk Kabens or Sampots, pronounced ‘SUM-POT!’ by Cambodians, these cloths are a common sight throughout modern Cambodia and historically.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

khmer lady dress show

Type of silk
There are three important silk textiles in Cambodia. They include the ikat silks (chong kiet in Khmer), or hol, the twill-patterned silks and the weft ikat textiles. Patterns are made by tying natural and synthetic fibers on the weft threads and then it is dyed. It is repeated for different colors until the patterns firm and cloth is woven. Traditionally, five colors are used. Red, yellow, green, blue and black are the most used..[3] The Sampot Hol is used as a lower garment and as the sampot chang kben. The Pidan Hol is used as a ceremonial hanging used for religious purposes.
Sot silk weaving has been an important part of Cambodia's cultural past. It has been documented that people from Takéo Province have woven silk since the Funan era and records, bas-relief and Zhou Daguan's report have shown that looms were used to weave sampots since ancient times.[3] Since ancient times, women have learned highly complex methods and intricate patterns, one of which is the hol method. It involves dying patterns on silk before weaving. What remains unique to Cambodian weavers is the uneven twill technique, the reason remains unclear why they adopted such an unusual method. The ancient bas-reliefs however provides a complete look at how fabrics were like, down to patterns and pleats. Silk woven pieces are used as heirlooms, in weddings and funerals, and as decoration in temples.

The sampot is the national garment of Cambodia. The traditional dress is similar to those worn in the neighboring countries of Laos and Thailand, but variations do exist between the countries. The sampot dates back to the Funan era when a Cambodian king ordered the people of his kingdom to wear the sampot at the request of Chinese envoys.
There are many variations for the sampot, each is worn according to social class. The typical sampot, known also as the sarong is typically worn by men and women of lower class. It measures approximately one and a half meters and both ends are sewn together. It is tied to safely secure it on the waist.

Sampot Chang Kben
The Sampot Chang Kben is the preferred choice of clothing for women of upper and middle classes for daily wear. This practice of daily wear died out in the beginning of the twentieth century. Unlike the typical Sampot, it is more of a pant than a skirt. It is a rectangular piece of cloth measuring 3 meters long and one meters wide.[4] It is worn by wrapping it around the waist, stretching it away from the body and twisting the knot. The knot is then pulled between the legs and held by a metal belt. Regardless of class, all Cambodian women wear the Sampot Chang Kben on special events. Men may also wear it, but the traditional patterns depend on gender. The Sampot Chang Kben is adopted in Thailand and Laos, where it is known as Chong Kraben. It dates to the to ancient Cambodia where deities often wore such styles.

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Girl Wedding Dress Styles

These dress need to be put on during the cutting cake ceremony. Traditionally, Khmer don't need these kinds of dress but in the ara of globalization, it is a defusion from other countries, especially westernized countries.

Special Colors for Khmer Traditional Dress

For special occasions, men wear a light coloured shirt and coloured trousers. Women wear a silk sampot with matching hol (a type of shirt). In the evenings they often wear a phamuong or hol which is a silk dress with intricate patterns at the hem. They choose their sampot to match the traditional colour for the day of the week when the event is held.
1- Sunday: Red
2- Monday: Orange
3- Tuesday: Violet
4- Wednesday: Greenish yellow
5- Thursday: Green
6-Friday: Dark blue
7- Saturday: Dark purple

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Modernest Cambodian Dress

These Cambodian girls are waring the hybrid modern Khmer and foriegn styles of dress. They are very attractive to look.

I have been noticing that many people who googled up "Khmer dress" or "Cambodian dress" ended up in the blog site. I also notice that I don't even have one on my page. So here, I am blogging about one of my Modern Khmer dress that I modeled in Asian Night Fashion Show 2006. The girls asked me if I can help them with modeling and participating in their fashion show, so I did, and it was so fun...lots memories... Here's a picture of me and my partner Muyhou in the back stage, preparing our walk routine. She's also wearing a modern Khmer dress. This picture was taken in 2006, when I was 19 years old. The Khmer dress was from Cambodia. If you want to get them in the US customized it will cost you up to 200 dollars. If you want to get them in Cambodia it's much cheaper, but then again you have to have connection.